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GeoServer image, an open source server for sharing geospatial data.
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GeoServer is an open source server for sharing geospatial data.
This is a docker image that eases setting up GeoServer running with a separated data directory.

The image is based on the official Tomcat 8 image


This image is available as a trusted build on the docker hub, and is the recommended method of installation.
Simple pull the image from the docker hub.

$ docker pull thklein/geoserver

Alternatively you can build the image locally

$ git clone
$ cd docker-geoserver
$ docker build -t "thklein/geoserver" .

Quick start

You can quick start the image using the command line

$ docker run --name "geoserver" -d -p 8080:8080 thklein/geoserver

Point your browser to http://localhost:8080/geoserver and login using GeoServer's default username and password:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: geoserver


Data volume

This GeoServer container keeps its configuration data at /geoserver_data which is exposed as volume in the dockerfile.
The volume allows for stopping and starting new containers from the same image without losing all the data and custom configuration.

You may want to map this volume to a directory on the host. It will also ease the upgrade process in the future. Volumes can be mounted by passing the -v flag to the docker run command:

-v /your/host/data/path:/geoserver_data


GeoServer recommends the usage of a spatial database

PostGIS container (PostgreSQL + GIS Extension)

If you want to use a PostGIS container, you can link it to this image. You're free to use any PostGIS container.
An example with kartooza/postgis image:

$ docker run -d --name="postgis" kartoza/postgis

For further information see kartooza/postgis.

Now start the GeoServer instance by adding the --link option to the docker run command:

--link postgis:postgis

Using docker-compose

Instead of manually launching both containers(GeoServer & PostGIS) like described above, you can use docker-compose.

$ wget

Start GeoServer using:

docker-compose up

And you're done.

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