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Crawler for CS3103
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Look At My Site


  1. Install golang

  2. Create a workspace

    • Go requires all your go code to be in the same workspace, grouped according to namespaces.

    • Set GOPATH to the location of your workspace for your shell.

      export GOPATH='/path/to/workspace'

    • Clone this repo to $GOPATH/src/

  3. Test the build

    1. cd into the repo.
    2. Run make build, everything should build correctly. A binary named look-at-my-site will be generated.
    3. For testing your code changes, it is easier to use make serve which will start the server and listen at port 8080.


    • [x] Implement crawler
    • [x] Create separate queues for each checker
    • [x] Parse comprehensive parameter and call CheckAll or CheckBasic accordingly (basic only checks the root domain with the 3 basic checks whereas "all" checks subdomains and includes CORS and directory listing checkers)
    • [x] Implement HTTPS checker
    • [x] Implement HSTS checker
    • [x] Implement DNS rebinding checker
    • [x] Implement CSP checker
    • [x] Fill in proper texts on the landing page
    • [x] Fill in proper texts for each checker
      • [x] HTTPS
      • [x] HSTS
      • [x] DNS rebinding
      • [x] CSP

    Stretch Goals

    • [x] Queueing of scan requests
    • [x] Make sure that our site is safe against all the scanned attacks
    • [x] Auto focus on input textbox upon document ready
    • [x] Prevent submits while a scan result is loading
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