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Docker image for Docker Swarm with useful defaults.
Full Description

Prometheus Monitoring Stack in Docker Swarm

Docker image for Docker Swarm with useful defaults. No need to pass in
custom commands to docker run!

Dockerfile Environment

  • ALERTMANAGER_ENDPOINT: Endpoint of alertmanager
  • MAX_MEMORY_USAGE_PER_CONTAINER: Max memory usage per container


  1. Create an overlay network
    docker network create --attachable --driver overlay monitoring
  2. Run docker-compose.yml
    docker stack deploy --compose-file docker-compose.yml prom
  3. Done!


The docker-compose.yml opens up ports for debugging purposes:

  • Prometheus http://<host-ip>:9090
  • Alertmanager http://<host-ip>:9093
  • Grafana http://<host-ip>:3000
  • NodeExporter http://<host-ip>:9100
  • cAdvisor http://<host-ip>:8080
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