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Pypicloud image
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Docker Pypicloud

Docker image for pypicloud


Note: See docker-compose.yml to know how to config

Run container

docker-compose up

See [] for more info

Install package

pip install -i http://localhost:7001/pypi/ PACKAGE1 [PACKAGE2 ...]


If you want to configure pip to always use PyPI Cloud, you can put your preferences into the $HOME/.pip/pip.conf` file:

index-url = http://localhost:7001/pypi/

Uploading Packages

To upload packages, you will need to add your server as an index server inside your $HOME/.pypirc:

index-servers = pypicloud

repository: http://localhost:7001/pypi/
username: <<username>>
password: <<password>>

Now to upload a package you should run:

python bdist_wheel --universal upload -r pypicloud

Issues and troubleshooting

Bad gateway

Maybe because you are run and shutdown the container multiple times. Each time, the session secret key on server is changed, so server does not recognize the old ssession from client. Let try to clear browser cache and try again.

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