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A bot written in java
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To run this docker image use

docker run -d -e BOT_USERNAME=<bot_name> -e 'BOT_OAUTH=<oauth key>' -e BOT_CHANNEL=<bot_channel> -e BOT_OWNER=<bot_owner> --name=phantombot thorerik/phantombot:latest

bot_name, bot_owner, bot_channel should just be a username, eg tuxyq. oauth_key has to be in the format oauth:abcdabcdbcd9bqfp9nf6wkl3mb9ps2

The container exposes port 25000, 25001 and 25002

You can also optionally specify the variable PB_VERSION with the desired version of Phantombot, eg.

-e "PB_VERSION=1.6.6"

optionally you can provide your own botlogin.txt by passing -v /path/to/botlogin.txt:/provided_botlogin.txt (change if you have specified PB_VERSION)
It's then recommended to set the datastore= key in your botlogin.txt to /persistent and pass -v /path/to/persistent:/persistent

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