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Full TeXLive installation on Debian Jessie
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Docker LaTeX

  • Based on Debian Jessie
  • Latest LaTeX installed via the online texlive installer
  • Runs LaTeXMK to compile the documents


docker run --rm thubo/latexmk

should print the help of latexmk

The working directory inside the container is /data.

To compile a document, assuming you have a folder containing your master.tex file, perform

docker run --name $(basename $PWD) --rm -v ${PWD}:/data thubo/latexmk master.tex

What basically happens inside the container is

cd /data
latexmk master.tex

To add additional parameters simply run

docker run --name $(basename $PWD) --rm -v ${PWD}:/data thubo/latexmk -outdir=build -xelatex -silent -time -jobname=title -pvc -view=none master.tex

What happens is equivalent to

cd /data
latexmk -outdir=build -xelatex -silent -time -jobname=title -pvc -view=none master.tex

Note You can always Ctrl+c the pvc mode to exit.

For details on latexmk see

docker run --rm thubo/latexmk



If you are using a host with SELinux enabled, you might need to mount the /data directory into your container with the :Z option, e.g.

docker run [...] -v ${PWD}:/data:Z [...]

Building the Image

Run the script or

docker build -t thubo/latexmk .
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