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PHP Microservice
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Docker + Lumen with Nginx and MySQL

This setup is great for writing quick apps in PHP using Lumen from an OSX machine. It uses Virtualbox and docker-machine to create the actual environment and then uses compose to setup the application services.

Create Lumen App

If you haven't already installed lumen globally, run

composer global require "laravel/lumen-installer=~1.0"

now, create the app in the images\php directory named app

cd images/php
lumen new app


To change configuration values, look in the docker-compose.yml file and change the php container's environment variables. These directly correlate to the Lumen environment variables.

Docker Setup

Install docker, compose, and machine

brew update
brew install docker docker-compose docker-machine

Install Virtualbox

Download Virtualbox

Setup docker environment

docker-machine create -d virtualbox dev
docker-machine start dev
$(docker-machine env dev)

Build & Run!

docker-compose build
docker-compose up -d

you can now start writing your app!

Your docker machine IP can be found via

docker-machine ls


docker-compose kill
Docker Pull Command