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Docker image for SSDB

This repository contains Dockerfile to build an image that dock SSDB service.


Build this image

The pre-built image is publish in Docker Hub with name r3v3r/ssdb

To build it yourself, run this command on project directory:

$ docker build -t <your_image_name_here>[:<tag name>] .

Example: Build an image from this Dockerfile with name rever/ssdb and tag latest

$ docker build -t rever/ssdb:latest .

Run service

Run with default configuration:

$ docker run -d -p 8888:8888 r3v3r/ssdb 

NOTE: Replace -p 8888:8888 with -p <your_external_port>:8888

Run with custom configuration

$ docker run -d -p <your_external_port>:8888 \
    -v <folder_contains_config_file_on_host>:<folder_contains_config_file_on_container> \
    -v <data_folder_on_host>:<data_folder_on_container>:rw \
    [-v <log_folder_on_host>:<log_folder_on_container>:rw] \
    [--name <your_container_name>] \
    r3v3r/ssdb <folder_contains_config_file_on_container>/<config_file_name>

NOTE: <data_folder_on_container> must be the same with work_dir in config file; and, <log_folder_on_container> must be the same with folder contain log files (logger.output) in config file


$ docker run -d -p 8888:8888 \
    -v /root/docker-ssdb/conf:/etc/ssdb \
    -v /root/docker-ssdb/data:/var/lib/ssdb:rw \
    -v /root/docker-ssdb/log:/var/log/ssdb:rw \
    --name test_ssdb \
    r3v3r/ssdb /etc/ssdb/ssdb.conf

This command will spawn a docker container that run ssdb service with these configurations:

  • Configuration file in /root/docker-ssdb/conf/ of host machine
  • Configuration name is ssdb.conf
  • Data of ssdb will be storaged in /root/docker-ssdb/data of host machine
  • Log files will be storaged in /root/docker-ssdb/log of host machine`
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