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Tiler Example

Quick Start

Running the Example Dashboard

This codebase includes a sample dashboard created using Tiler


  • Install Oracle JDK 1.8+
  • Install Maven 3.2+
  • Install node.js 0.10+
  • Install Redis 2.8+

You then need to clone this repository and run:


The example dashboard is also available as a Docker container:

  • $ docker run tiler/tiler-example

When using the Docker container, it's not possible to modify the sample dashboard.


There are two ways to get metrics into Tiler: i) using collectors like and ii) using Tiler's API.

Create Metrics

HTTP POST http://localhost:8080/api/metrics


  • Content-Type: application/json

Request Body:

    "metrics": [{
        "name": "examples.api",
        "points": [{
            "time": 1,
            "value": 10
            "time": 2,
            "value": 20

View the metric by browsing to http://localhost:8080/dashboards/api

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