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Simple image comparison to find changes
Full Description

Downloads, crops, and compares the latest imagery from a planet labs timbr snapshot.


To run this image:

docker pull timbr/planet_compare
docker run -v {PATH_TO_A_DATA_DIR}:/workspace -v ~/.timbr/data/:/snapshots timbr/planet_compare:latest --workspace /workspace --apikey YOUR_API_KEY --snapshot /snapshots/a_snapshot.h5 --bbox minx miny maxx maxy


usage: [-h] [--workspace w] [--apikey k] [--snapshot s]
[--bbox b b b b] [--images n]

Compare Planet Labs Imagery and try to find changes.

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--workspace w the workspace dir to write and find imagery
--apikey k a planet labs api key
--snapshot s path to a Timbr snapshot
--bbox b b b b a bounding box to clip images to: minx miny maxx maxy
--images n number of images to download and use in the analysis

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