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Spyder3 Desktop IDE
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This image is a "apt-get install" of the spyder Python IDE.

Getting the image

Use the docker repository:

docker pull timcera/spyder-desktop-ubuntu:latest

Required Manual Installation

To run a container create a shell script similar to below, perhaps called
'spyder', but you can call it anything you want.


# Should be platform neutral - at least working on Linux and Windows
USER_NAME=`basename $HOME`

# HHHOME is used to pass the HOME directory of the user running rodeo
# and is used in "" to create the same user within the container.

# Users home is mounted as home
# --rm will remove the container as soon as it ends
docker run --rm \
    -i -t \
    -v ${HOME}:/home/${USER_NAME} \
    -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix \
    -e DISPLAY=unix$DISPLAY \
    -e HHHOME=${HOME} \

Be sure to make the "spyder" script (or whatever you called your script) an

chmod a+x spyder

The above is the content of spyder so you can just


The "-v ${HOME}:/home/${USER_NAME}" option will mount your home directory in
the container. If you have other mount points, add "-v" options as necessary.

Put into a directory listed in your PATH environment variable.

sudo cp spyder /usr/local/bin

If spyder crashes or hangs it might leave an orphan docker process running. If
you see the process with

docker ps

Then run

docker stop <process id or container name>

Else run

docker ps -a


docker rm <process id or container name>

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