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docker transmission

This is a Dockerfile to set up "Transmission" - (

Build from docker file

git clone
cd docker-transmission
docker build -t transmission .

docker run -d -v /your_watch_dir:/watch -v /your_final_dir:/downloads -v /your_incomplete_dir:/incomplete -v /your_config_location:/config -p your_external_port:45555 -p web_interface_port:9091 -e "USERNAME=username" -e "PASSWORD=password"

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7 months ago

This is the one I want, others bundled with VPN service. A package should be clean, let user configure how the package work with others but not bundle all up.

a year ago

Thank you very much for the great work. I use your containers and they work great!

In my humble opinion, I think you forgot the container name at the end. :-) I am not sure if it works differently if you first pull it from github. I just pull it straight with the run command. See below how I adjusted it, and added localtime.

docker run --restart=always -d --name transmission\
-v /your_watch_dir:/watch \
-v /your_final_dir:/downloads \
-v /your_incomplete_dir:/incomplete \
-v /your_config_location:/config \
-p your_external_port:45555 \
-p web_interface_port:9091 \
-e "USERNAME=username" -e "PASSWORD=password" \