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Dedicated mysql container created for easy database setup with eye on web applications


This container is optimized for fast and easy created of databases
Watch it in action using at github ( )
or at docker ( )

Usage by example

The mysql container

Running the container

docker run -d --name="be.punk.www.mysql" -e "MYSQL_LOCAL_USER=[username]" -e "MYSQL_LOCAL_DATABASE=[database]" -e "MYSQL_LOCAL_PASSWORD=[password]" -v /location/of/mysqldata/at/host/:/var/lib/mysql/  timherman/mysql

How it works

  • -d : Run daemonized
  • --Name : The name of the container
  • -e : Environmental parameters
    • MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD : When no root password of the database is set there will be one generated for you
    • MYSQL_LOCAL_USER : The mysql username for your application
    • MYSQL_LOCAL_DATABASE : The mysql database name for your application
    • MYSQL_LOCAL_PASSWORD : The mysql database password
  • -v : Linking a directory on your host with the mysql data of the container
  • timherman/mysql : The name of the repository


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