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Docker NGINX + Magento continer


This container is optimized for running Magento using NGINX

This container requires a seperate dedicated mysql container (timherman/mysql) to run.
You can find timherman/mysql either at docker ( or github (

Usage by example

The mysql container

Running the container

docker run -d --name="be.punk.www.mysql" -e "MYSQL_LOCAL_USER=[username]" -e "MYSQL_LOCAL_DATABASE=[database]" -e "MYSQL_LOCAL_PASSWORD=[password]" -v /location/of/mysqldata/at/host/:/var/lib/mysql/  timherman/mysql

How it works

  • -d : Run daemonized
  • --Name : The name of the container
  • -e : Environmental parameters
    • MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD : When no root password of the database is set there will be one generated for you
    • MYSQL_LOCAL_USER : The mysql username for your application
    • MYSQL_LOCAL_DATABASE : The mysql database name for your application
    • MYSQL_LOCAL_PASSWORD : The mysql database password
  • -v : Linking a directory on your host with the mysql data of the container
  • timherman/mysql : The name of the repository

The magento container

Running the container

docker run -d --name="be.punk.www.magento" -p 80:80 -v /location/of/magentodata/at/host/:/var/www/ --link be.punk.www.mysql:db timherman/nginx-magento

How it works

  • -d : Run daemonized
  • -p : Map the 80 port the container to the 80 port of the host ( Not required when using a reverse proxy )
  • -e : Environmental parameters
    • MAILSERVER : External smtp server (smart host, default value mailserver)
  • -v : Linking a directory on your host with the magento data of the container
  • --link : linking this container be.punk.www.mysql and set it up with the hostname 'db'
  • timherman/nginx-magento : The name of the repositor


In our example the magento container is linked to the mysql container under the alias db.
This means that you'll have to edit your config file in such a way that the mysql host is no longer localhost but db.

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