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Scrumblr - Collaborative Online Scrum Tool
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Run Scrumblr as a container.

Slight modifications made to the app (src) to allow configuration of the application base url, redis connection details and Google Analytics tracking.

Runtime options

  • --port NUM specify the port number node should run on; by default this will be 8080
  • --baseurl STRING specify the base url path the application will be accessed via; by default this will be /
  • --redis STRING:NUM specify the connection details (hostname:port) for the Redis datastore; by default this will be $REDIS_PORT_6379_TCP_ADDR:$REDIS_PORT_6379_TCP_PORT allowing a linked Redis container named redis to be utilised
  • --gaEnabled specify that the Google Analytics tag should be included on the pages served; by default this will be disabled
  • --gaAccout STRING specify a Google Analytics account id that should be used in the tags included to the page (requires --gaEnabled to have been set); defaults to UA-2069672-4, the account of the Scrumblr developer

Basic usage:

docker run -it --rm --name scrumblr --link redis-scrumblr:redis -p 8080:8080 scrumblr

Note that this assumes a Redis container named redis-scrumblr is available for linking - see Example Redis setup for details.

Custom usage:

docker run -it --rm --name scrumblr -p 8181:8181 scrumblr --port 8181 --baseurl "/scrumblr" --redis hostname:port --gaEnabled --gaAccount ABC-123


This image is designed to be used either with a separate redis container attached to a data volume or managed independently of Docker. See below for a solution using Docker.

Example Redis setup

docker run -d --name redis-data -v /redis-data:/data redis redis-server --appendonly yes

docker run -d --name redis-scrumblr --volumes-from redis-data redis
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