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Postgres-XL, the scalable open-source PostgreSQL-based database cluster.
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Postgres-XL Docker is a Docker image source for Postgres-XL, the scalable open-source PostgreSQL-based database cluster. The images are based on CentOS.

The images allow for arbitrary database cluster topologies, allowing GTM, GTM Proxy, Coordinator, and Datanode nodes to be created and added as desired. Each service runs in its own container, communicating over a backend network. Coordinator nodes also connect to a frontend network.

Previously, Postgres-XL Docker used pgxc_ctl for initialisation and control, running SSH servers as well as database services. This has now been completely redesigned to run database services directly without SSH, initialising using included helper scripts, and allowing full flexibility with regard to cluster topologies.

The pgxc_ctl binary continues to be compiled and provided in the image in case people find it useful, but this might change in the future, since the up-to-date recommended Postgres-XL Docker workflow is to not use it.

Build cluster time and large-scale performance and stability testing is donated by my company, Pavouk OÜ (Europe), which develops large-scale data-processing software, and also offers data and high-availability consultancy. Patches are tested internally, and made available to the community open-source. <3

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