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WeeChat - The extensible chat client
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tklx/weechat - The extensible chat client

WeeChat is a fast, light and extensible chat client.


  • Based on the super slim tklx/base (Debian GNU/Linux).
  • Uses tini for zombie reaping and signal forwarding.
  • Configured with UTF-8 locale.
  • Includes weechat, weechat-plugins and weechat-scripts.
  • Includes off-the-record support (privacy).
  • Includes inwee and useful snippets (convenience).
  • Includes USER user to restrict the privileges of weechat.
  • Includes EXPOSE 9001 for optional relay configuration.


docker pull tklx/weechat

# non-persistent
docker run --rm -it -e TERM tklx/weechat

# non-persistent, applying all snippets
docker run --rm -it -e TERM tklx/weechat -r "/exec snippets/.inwee-all"

# persistent settings, configuration, chat logs, etc.
mkdir -p ~/.weechat
docker run --rm -it -e TERM -v ~/.weechat:/home/user/.weechat tklx/weechat

# weechat options
docker run --rm -it tklx/weechat --help

# interactive root terminal
docker run --rm -it -u root tklx/weechat /bin/bash


/exec inwee snippets/freenode
/exec inwee snippets/otr
/exec inwee snippets/colors
/exec inwee snippets/unicode

Chatting on freenode

# set your identity
/set irc.server.freenode.nicks your-nick
/set irc.server.freenode.username "your-username"
/set irc.server.freenode.realname "Your Real Name"

# connect to freenode and join a channel
/connect freenode
/join #channel-name

Using Off-The-Record

# start a private conversion (without encryption)
/query <nick>

# in the private chat buffer, start the encrypted session
/otr start

# for more information
/help otr

Relay configuration / glowing bear (web UI)

Security notice:

  • This sets up a non-encrypted relay.
  • Access to the relay provides OS execution privileges!
  • Use only for testing, and only on localhost.
# configure the relay and password
/relay add weechat 9001
/set <secretrelaypassword>

# get the container's IP address
$ docker ps
$ docker inspect -f '{{.NetworkSettings.IPAddress}}' CONTAINER-ID

# browse to and connect

Automated builds

The Docker image is built, and pushed by CircleCI from source hosted on GitHub.

  • Tag: x.y.z refers to a release (recommended).
  • Tag: latest refers to the master branch.

Issue Tracker

TKLX uses a central issue tracker on GitHub for reporting and tracking of bugs, issues and feature requests.

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