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Demo of CHiMaD Hackathon spinodal decomposition problem using MMSP in a Jupyter notebook
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Try MMSP using Docker

This Docker container downloads MMSP, builds its utility programs, and updates relevant environmental variables to enable serial and parallel builds of MMSP code. The Docker image is designed to run a Jupyter notebook showcasing the workflow for a spinodal decomposition problem, originally written for the First CHiMaD Phase Field Hackathon.

Install and familiarize yourself with Docker

Follow the excellent instructions on the Docker webpage. It's worth working through the cowsay example.

Pull the instance from Dockerhub

$ docker pull tkphd/chimad-mmsp:latest

Run the container

$ docker run -i -p 8888:8888 --net=host -t tkphd/chimad-mmsp:latest

Use the notebook

Open a browser to http://localhost:8888, then click the link to CahnHilliard2DNeumann.ipynb.

To build the Docker or tinker with the mechanism, clone the gist

git clone


This Docker build was created using wd15's pymks Docker build as a guide.

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