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Sample docker image for Drupal Camp 2014 Taipei.
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Examples how to develop and operate Drupal on Vagrant and Docker



Start environment

vagrant up

After successfully startup, access to and login by admin with password admin.

Once you download the basic box, it will take about 7,8 minutes to start environment from scratch.

Clean up environment

vagrant destroy -f
rm -f www/sites/default/settings.php
vagrant up


Start environment

Start mysql container first since Docker image doesn't contain MySQL.

docker run --name mysql-drupal -e MYSQL_USER=drupal -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=drupal -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=drupal -e MYSQL_DATABASE=drupal -d -p 3306:3306 mysql:5.6.20

After starting mysql container, run your Drupal container next.

docker run --name drupal --link mysql-drupal:mysql -p 8080:80 -i -t tksmd/drupalcamp-taipei-2014 /sbin/my_init -- bash -l

You can detach from container by typing ^P^Q.

Clean up environment

docker rm -f drupal
docker rm -f mysql-drupal

Build Image

If you want to build your own Docker image, do the following.

docker build -t <yourtag> .
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