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The Lightweight Docker Runtime client component for the Todo demo application.
Full Description

Todo-backend reference client

This is a todo app which uses the todo-backend API to store it's todos.


This app is a slightly-modified version of the TodoMVC Architecture Example for for backbone.js.


The following are necessary to run the application:

  • Docker Toolbox 1.9, with Docker-machine and Docker-compose
  • Node.js (4.x or 5.x recommended)

Building the container

In order to build the container, first install the needed NPM dependencies for the Node.js backend:

npm install

Then, create a Docker node with docker-machine:

docker-machine create -d virtualbox dev
eval $(docker-machine env dev)

Finally, build the container:

docker build -t tldr/todo-client .

Running the container

Use the following command:

docker run -d -p 8080:80 tldr/todo-client

Developing the application



  • Describe the development process, possibly including a compose file to support local development
  • Document the components that are part of this container, and how they are used (nginx, consul-template, etc)
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