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DeepStyle backend code
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This is the backend "changes worker" for the deepstyle-ios app.

Sync Gateway provides the REST api, and Couchbase Server provides the persistence layer.

  • Sync Gateway changes listener to track the number of unprocessed jobs
  • When new jobs are detected, publishes stats to CloudWatch
  • CloudWatch Alarms cause AWS EC2 instances with GPU processors to spin up
    • Look for unprocessed jobs
    • Invoke neural-style to apply the artistic style to the photograph
    • Update job with results, which will sync down to the deepstyle-ios app

Steps to run

  • Kick off Sync Gateway running this config
  • Kick off ami ami-5587c93f (private AMI at the moment, stay tuned)
  • Run deepstyle follow_sync_gw --url
  • Use Paw/Curl to upload images




Job States

  • NOT_READY_TO_PROCESS (no attachments yet)
  • READY_TO_PROCESS (attachments added)
  • BEING_PROCESSED (worker running)
  • PROCESSING_SUCCESSFUL (worker done, added result attachment)
  • PROCESSING_FAILED (worker done, added error msg)

Job Queue Processor

  • For each change where type=job and state=READY_TO_PROCESS:
    • Change state to BEING_PROCESSED and update doc
    • Download attachments to temp files
    • Kick off exec and tell it to store result in a temp file
    • Wait for exec to finish
    • Add new attachment to doc with result
    • Change state to PROCESSING_SUCCESSFUL (or failed if exec failed)
    • Delete temp files

Adding a new command (cobra)

cobra add publish_cloudwatch_metrics

Creating cloudwatch alarms to trigger autoscale

$ aws autoscaling put-scaling-policy --policy-name deepstyle-scalout --auto-scaling-group-name DeepStyle --scaling-adjustment 1 --adjustment-type ChangeInCapacity --profile tleyden
$ aws autoscaling put-scaling-policy --policy-name deepstyle-scalein --auto-scaling-group-name DeepStyle --scaling-adjustment -1 --adjustment-type ChangeInCapacity --profile tleyden
$ aws cloudwatch put-metric-alarm --alarm-name AddCapacityToProcessDeepStyleQueue3 --metric-name NumJobsReadyOrBeingProcessed --namespace "DeepStyleQueue" --statistic Average --period 60 --threshold 1 --comparison-operator GreaterThanOrEqualToThreshold  --evaluation-periods 1 --alarm-actions $SCALE_OUT_ARN --profile tleyden
$ aws cloudwatch put-metric-alarm --alarm-name RemoveCapacityToProcessDeepStyleQueue3 --metric-name NumJobsReadyOrBeingProcessed --namespace "DeepStyleQueue" --statistic Average --period 60 --threshold 0 --comparison-operator LessThanOrEqualToThreshold  --evaluation-periods 1 --alarm-actions $SCALE_IN_ARN --profile tleyden

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