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A wrapper around etcd, with some discovery-related additions that calls etcd with the right advertising related URLs.

The problem this is trying to solve

As described in this Google Groups thread, when running etcd in the context of Kubernetes, there's no straighforward way to discover what IP should be used for the -advertise-client-urls etcd parameter.

Without a correct -advertise-client-urls etcd parameter, code that uses the etcd client API (such as etcdctl) will not work. (curl, on the other hand, will still work)

How to use

Instead of invoking etcd via:

$ etcd -listen-client-urls -advertise-client-urls

You would instead run:

$ etcdisco -listen-client-urls -advertise-client-urls http://{{.LOCAL_IP}}:2379

This would have the effect of:

  • etcdisco would attempt to discover the ip it should be advertising
  • it will look over the command line args and replace {{.LOCAL_IP}} with the discovered ip address
  • it will invoke etcd with the modified command line args

Supported variables

Variable Description
LOCAL_IP It iterates over all interfaces and returns the IP address of the first non-loopback IP address
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