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Kallithea with experimental Mercurial Evolve support
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Docker Kallithea with Experimental Evolve support

Image contains kallithea source code management system.

This is a fork from atnurgaliev/kallithea Docker image. All credits goes to him.
I am just borrowing his image to try the experimental Evolve support from

There won't be a "latest" tag. Each new build will have the build date as the tag so we can try different versions of Evolve support.

Available tags:

  • tlvu/kallithea-evolve:2017-05-02 from PR #320 + all fixes from previous builds
  • tlvu/kallithea-evolve:2017-04-14 from PR #314 + PR #318
  • tlvu/kallithea-evolve:2017-04-12 from PR #314 + hg-evolve pre-installed
  • tlvu/kallithea-evolve:2017-04-11 from PR #314
  • tlvu/kallithea-evolve:2017-03-31 from PR #305


Run a container with:

$ docker run -d -p 8085:5000 tlvu/kallithea-evolve:BUILD_DATE_TAG

You can specify some environment variables:

  • KALLITHEA_ADMIN_USER - administrator login (default: admin)
  • KALLITHEA_ADMIN_PASS - administrator password (default: admin)
  • KALLITHEA_ADMIN_MAIL - administrator e-mail (default: ``)

If you don't have kallithea configuration file (running first time or without mounting a configuration volume),
you can set additional variables:

  • KALLITHEA_PREFIX - set resources prefix
    (empty by default, see documentation)
  • KALLITHEA_LANG - set language (empty by default, can be one of cs de fr hu ja nl_BE pl pt_BR ru sk zh_CN zh_TW)
  • KALLITHEA_EXTERNAL_DB - connection string for external database instead of built-in SQLite (empty by default,
    currently MySQL and PostgreSQL are supported,
    see sqlalchemy documentation for examples)

Available volumes:

  • /kallithea/config - contains configuration file (kallithea.ini).
  • /kallithea/repos - contains repositories.
  • /kallithea/logs - contains log files.

Example of container with mounted volumes and new admin password running on port 8085:

$ docker run -d -p 8085:5000 \
    -e KALLITHEA_ADMIN_PASS=secret \
    -v /opt/kallithea/config:/kallithea/config \
    -v /opt/kallithea/repos:/kallithea/repos \
    -v /opt/kallithea/logs:/kallithea/logs \
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