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Mochi: Dynamically typed functional programming language <>
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Use the script bin/mochidocker in the mochi repo to launch this docker image. It is meant to make using docker with mochi much more user friendly.

Below is a sample built-in help (from mochidocker --dockerhelp):

Usage: mochidocker [options] <any mochi interpreter arguments> ...


Run one .mochi file using relative path to the .mochi file (absolute path does not work)
  $ cd $MOCHI_CHECKOUT_ROOT; bin/mochidocker examples/fizzbuzz.mochi
  $ mochidocker relative-path/to/file.mochi

Explore mochi command-line
  $ mochidocker --help  # mochi interpreter help
  $ mochidocker --version  # mochi interpreter version

Enter mochi interractive interpreter
  $ mochidocker

Run all examples
  $ cd $MOCHI_CHECKOUT_ROOT; for f in examples/*.mochi; do echo $f; bin/mochidocker $f; done

Use an alternate docker image
  $ mochidocker --dockerimg tlvu/mochi:<version tag> --version
  $ cd $MOCHI_CHECKOUT_ROOT; bin/mochidocker --dockerimg tlvu/mochi:0.2.1 workdir/examples/fizzbuzz.mochi

As a developer, run the latest code in this checkout (not the code in the docker image)
Note: $MOCHI_CHECKOUT_ROOT must not contain space for this to work
  $ cd $MOCHI_CHECKOUT_ROOT; bin/mochidocker --dockerdevel examples/fizzbuzz.mochi

  --dockerimg img   Alternate image name, default: tlvu/mochi
  --dockerdevel     Use latest code the current checkout
  --dockerhelp      Show this help

Release History:

  • Dockerfile commit ccb09d9b89
  • 0.2.1-20150415-2: Dockerfile commit 4392cdfb45
  • 0.2.1-20150415: Dockerfile commit b05a3a94c9
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