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Container with Docker + Docker Compose - good for CI
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Docker Compose

This docker image installs docker-compose on top of the docker image.
This is very useful for CI pipelines, which leverage "Docker in Docker".

Docker versions supported

There are versions based on different docker versions, e.g. latest, 17.06, 17.03 and 1.13.

docker-compose matches the latest minor version available when the docker release was made. Eg, 17.06 includes docker-compose 1.15.0. The latest tag always includes the latest docker-compose build.

Please open an issue or a pull request (preferred) at GitHub, if a version is missing.

Usage instructions for GitLab CI

You may use it like this in your .gitlab-ci.yml file.

image: tmaier/docker-compose:latest

  - docker:dind

  - docker info
  - docker-compose --version

build image:
  stage: build
    - docker-compose build


Tobias L. Maier for BauCloud GmbH

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