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Enterprise Patient Identifier Crossreferencing
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The ID Management solution E-PIX (Enterprise Identifier Cross Referencing) applies the Fellegi-Sunter-algorithm and the Levenshtein distance to avoid duplicate participant entries. The independent software module facilitates participant management and multisite-aggregation of medical research data. Additionally, the correction of potential synonym errors is supported (i.e. false-negative record linkage).


  • tmfev/epix:2.4.0,latest (Docker-Compose File and SQLs)
    • added: install MySQL5.7
    • added: mySQL-Skript to create database
    • added: wildfly to run E-PIX-service and E-PIX-Webfrontend
    • tested with docker v1.10.3 and docker-compose v1.8.0
    • visit MOSAIC-Project Homepage for more information

Run your Image

  • get necessary files from github
    git clone
  • change to folder automatically created
    cd Dockerbank/E-PIX/2.4.0
  • run docker-compose to pull and configure E-PIX
    sudo docker-compose up
  • open browser and try out the E-PIX from http://YOURIPADDRESS:8080/epix-web/html/index.xhtml


The creation of this container image was supported by TMF e.V.
A german description of E-PIX is available via ToolPool Gesundheitsforschung right here.

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