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The TMF PID-Generator is free to use. The source code can be obtained by sending an email to

License condition and copyright: This software, including all of its parts and accompanying documents, is protected by copyright. The rights belong to TMF unless otherwise indicated. Changes are not permitted. TMF is unable to give a guarantee with regard to the accuracy of content and error-free operation. Reproduction and transmission are solely permitted within your organization or company as well as TMF membership unless otherwise agreed with TMF. For reasons of quality assurance and transparency with regard to dissemination and use of the TMF results any further dissemination will solely take place via the TMF website or the TMF Office.


Start postgres

docker run --name psx_postgres -e "POSTGRES_PASSWORD=POSTGRESSPASSWORDCHANGEME" -d postgres

Start pidgen (you have to start postgres first!)

#BUILD=true means that your database is created (careful: this will truncate an existing pidgen database!)
docker run --name tmf_psx_run -d -p 8080:80 --link psx_postgres:psx_postgres -e "BUILD=true" -e "POSTGRES_PASSWORD=POSTGRESSPASSWORDCHANGEME" tmfev/pidgen

Access PID generator cgi



The creation of this container image was supported by TMF e.V.
A german description of TMF PID-Generator is available via ToolPool Gesundheitsforschung right here.

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