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Provide Focuslight, which is a ruby-clone of GrowthForecast. Running with ruby-2.1.1 on centos. Current version is 0.1.4.
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This image provides Focuslight, which is a ruby-clone of GrowthForecast, running with ruby-2.1.1 on centos for the purpose of quick try. Actually, this supports data persistency, it means database and config files can be stored out of containers.

The Dockerfile is here,

How to use

  1. Download this Makefile
  2. make pull init data_container (creates ./focuslight_data)
  3. make run

Then a container for focuslight starts with a data container which name is focuslight_data.
You can send requests with curl like

curl -d "number=123" localhost:5125/api/service/section/graph

NOTE: Don't forget port forwarding If you use boot2docker on MacOSX. Then you can do make natpf, which opens 5125 port.

Open http://localhost:5125/list/service/section with your browser so that you can see graphs.

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