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Images is based on php:7.0-apache.

This image changes the configuration of Apache2 to support .htaccess files in the htdocs directory and runs Apache on running through Docker, so that any other commands need to be executed through docker exec.

Files that Apache will server need to be provided in the /var/www/html directory in containers. This can be done by creating files through the shell, by mouting a host's directory at /var/www/html or by extending the image with a COPY <HIST DIR> $APP/ command. The Apache server can be stopped gracefully by quitting the running docker container (it will receive the exit signal) ONLY IF the -ti options are used with docker run (one for sending input from host to client and other for creating an interactive terminal). To be specific -t isn't required but without it, Apache's output won't be visible which makes using debugging requests more difficult.

git and nano packages are already installed for convenience.

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