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The vbcc tool chain for ATARI Jaguar
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ATARI Jaguar vbcc tool chain

This images contains the vbcc tool chain for the ATARI Jaguar.
The current version is 0.9fp1. This version is compiled without modifications from the sources stated below.

The following tools are included

  • vbcc 0.9f patch 1 CPU m68k - License and documentation can be located here:
  • vclib (Standard vbcc C library)
  • jaglib (JAGUAR library for vbcc)
  • vasm 1.8a - License and documentation can be located here:
    • CPU jagrisc / MadMac syntax
    • CPU m68k / MadMac syntax
    • CPU m68k / Motorola syntax
  • vlink 0.16a - License and documentation can be located here:
  • GNU Make
  • node.js and npm
  • Documentation files for vbcc/vasm/vlink are in folder /opt/jagdev/documentation

Test the tool chain

Create your first ATARI Jaguar source main.c in a folder of your choice.

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
    puts("Hello from ATARI Jaguar!");

Open a command shell in this folder and type

docker run --rm --volume "$PWD":/usr/src/compile --workdir /usr/src/compile toarnold/jaguarvbcc:0.9f vc +jaguar main.c -o hello.jag

This will produce a file hello.jag in your current directory. This file can be uploaded with a skunkboard or started in virtualjaguar.


Please consider the licenses of all used tools.

vbcc/vasm/vlink are copyrighted by their owners.

This image may be redistributed without modifications and used for non-commercial purposes.
An exception for commercial usage is granted, provided that the target CPU is M68k and
the target OS is AmigaOS. Resulting binaries may be distributed commercially without
further licensing.
In all other cases you need the written consent of the owners.

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