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Run is the script manager for developers.

  • It helps to manage scripts with git, svn or hg.
  • It helps to re-use all your scripts naturally.
  • It is highly integrated with GitHub and others.
  • If you're writing scrips, please try it now!

How It Works

After installing run, we can execute run pt-summary or run github:runscripts/scripts/pt-summary.

The command run will download the well-known pt-summary from GitHub and run locally.

You can manage your scripts with svn, git or hg in GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab or anywhere.


  • From Scratch (Go 1.3+)

    sudo GOPATH=$GOPATH make install
  • From Binary

    Operating System | Architectures
    ---------------- | -------------
    Linux | 386, amd64, arm
    Mac OS | 386, amd64, brew
    FreeBSD | 386, amd64
    Debian/Ubuntu | 386, amd64

    Download the binary according to your OS and place it in $PATH (like /usr/bin/). Then execute sudo run --init or sudo dpkg -i run.deb.


Watch the one-minute video before you're using it.


    -c, --clean     clean out all scripts cached in local
    -h, --help      show this help message, then exit
    -i INTERPRETER  run script with interpreter(e.g., bash, python)
    -I, --init      create configuration and cache directory
    -u, --update    force to update the script before run
    -v, --view      view the content of script, then exit
    -V, --version   output version information, then exit

    run pt-summary
    run github:runscripts/scripts/pt-summary

Report bugs to <>.


At beginning, we can try run pt-summary and checkout official scripts in runscripts/scripts.

Now let's manage all the scripts with version control tools and play with this script manager.

Feel free to send pull-request to official scripts and contribute to

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