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Antragsgrün 3 is the third generation of the Content Management System built for the german green party.
It's a complete rewrite of the second generation and has some major advantages:

  • It's much more flexible on the structure of motions and wording. It even supports image uploading, e.g. for applications.
  • It supports multiple layouts for the website and the PDF-Export.
  • If follows test-driven design, using both unit and acceptance tests
  • The internal text is based completely on HTML and gets rid of the obsolete BBCode
  • The design of the motion supporter table is much cleaner and does not depend on the user database anymore
  • It's based on the more modern Yii2-framework
  • Many more small improvements

Required Software (Debian Linux)

# Using PHP7-packages from [DotDeb](
apt-get install php7.0 php7.0-cli php7.0-fpm php7.0-intl php7.0-json php7.0-mcrypt php7.0-mysql php7.0-opcache php7.0-curl

# Using PHP5-packages from Debian:
apt-get install php5-cli php5-fpm php5-mysqlnd php5-mcrypt php5-intl php5-curl

Optional, for LaTeX/XeTeX-based PDFs:

apt-get install texlive-lang-german texlive-latex-base texlive-latex-recommended \
                texlive-latex-extra texlive-humanities texlive-fonts-recommended \
                texlive-xetex poppler-utils

Required Software (Mac OS X)

LaTeX/XeTeX-based PDFs:

Installation from the repository

git clone
cd antragsgruen
curl -sS | php
./composer.phar global require "fxp/composer-asset-plugin:1.1.1"
./composer.phar install --prefer-dist
sudo npm install -g gulp
npm install gulp gulp-uglify gulp-concat gulp-concat-css gulp-minify-css gulp-sass gulp-sourcemaps

If you want to use the web-based installer (recommended):

touch config/INSTALLING

If you don't want to use the web-based installer:

cp config/config.template.json config/config.json
vi config/config.json # you're on your own now :-)

Set the permissions (example for Debian Linux):

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data web/assets
sudo chown -R www-data:www-data runtime
sudo chown -R www-data:www-data config #Can be skipped if you don't use the Installer

Set the permissions (example for Mac OS X):

sudo chown -R _www:_www web/assets
sudo chown -R _www:_www runtime
sudo chown -R _www:_www config #Can be skipped if you don't use the Installer

Set up the virtual host of your web server. Example files are provided here:

  • Example configuration for nginx
  • Example configuration for apache

Command Line Commands

Force a new password for an user:

./yii admin/set-user-password mynewpassword

Running using docker


cd docker-vagrant/
docker build -t antragsgruen1 -f Dockerfile .
docker run -p 80:80 --name antragsgruen1 -d antragsgruen1


You can enable debug mode by creating an empty file config/DEBUG.

After updating the source code from git, do:

./composer.phar update
./yii migrate


  • Create a separate (MySQL-)database for testing
  • Set up the configuration file: bash cp config/config_tests.template.json config/config_tests.json vi config/config_tests.json
  • Install PhantomJS
  • For the automatical HTML validation, Java needs to be installed and the vnu.jar file from the Nu Html Checker located at /usr/local/bin/vnu.jar.
  • For the automatical accessibility validation, Pa11y needs to be installed.
  • Start PhantomJS: bash phantomjs --webdriver=4444
  • Start debug server: bash tests/
  • Run all tests: bash vendor/bin/codecept run
  • Run a single acceptence-test: bash vendor/bin/codecept run acceptance MotionCreateCept
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