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Builds the NT8 project
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NT8 Installer Docker

Default/latest image

This docker builds a base ubuntu xenial and adds PHP and SQLite to it. It install composer and clones the nt8-installer into /opt/nt8. It then runs composer install on t
he nt8 installer and copies in a helper script. The entry point is a bash prompt, this copy of NT8 is set up, it has no database.

The helper script is /usr/local/bin/ it parses an environment variable and attemopts to checkout specified repos to provided branches. e.g.

CHECKOUT="ntnt8property:AB-123 nt8landingpage:CD:456" ./

Will attempt to checkout branch AB-123 in /opt/nt8/web/modules/custom/ntnt8property and branch CD:456 in /opt/nt8/web/modules/custom/nt8landingpage. To pass this into a d
ocker use the -e flag.


docker -ti -e CHECKOUT="ntnt8property:AB-123 nt8landingpage:CD:456" IMAGEID


Extends the base image and runs a site install. The site will be available on http://localhost:8888

docker -ti -p 8888:8888 tobybatch/nt8installer:demo

It does support running custom branches.

docker -ti -p 8888:8888 -e CHECKOUT="ntnt8property:AB-123 nt8landingpage:CD:456" tobybatch/nt8installer:demo


Extends the base image and runs php unit tetst. All tests are run unless a group is specified.

docker -ti -e PHPUNIT_GROUP=ntnt8property tobybatch/nt8installer:tester

It also supports the checkout script:

docker -ti -e PHPUNIT_GROUP=ntnt8property -e CHECKOUT="ntnt8property:AB-123 nt8landingpage:CD:456" tobybatch/nt8installer:tester
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