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Solr configured on run in OpenShift in conjunction with Nice
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Solr on Openshift

This image is set up to provide search functionality to the Tocco Business Framework. It has been optimized
to run on the OpenShift platform provided by VSHN.


All configuration parameters available in /opt/solr/bin/ within the image can be overridden using environment variables by
prefixing SOLR_PARAM_.


Change parameter SOLR_HEAP=1024m:


Take a look at the sample config used in the tests to see available properties.



In our Openshift environment a persistent volume is mounted from a Gluster cluster. The mount contains a .trashcan directory
and Solr won't have access to it. Unfortunately, Solr can't deal with that. To get it working anyway, the volume is mounted
at /persist and the data directory is a subdirectory of it (/persist/index_data). This way .trashcan (/persist/.trashcan) is no longer
in Solr's data directory.

Lock File Removal

The lock file is currently removed during startup to avoid already-locked errors.

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