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Network Miner app with Nginx and php5-fpm.
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Network Miner

Network Miner generates a network map by sending SNMP requests (LLDP/CDP/EDP).

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  • LLDP, EDP or CDP need to be enabled on your SNMP devices.

  • You need a web server with the php snmp plugin/package enabled.

  • SNMP SysName need to be matching with a DNS record.


  • Clone this repository into your sites location (e.g. /var/www/) :

git clone

  • Download dependencies :

cd network_miner

bower install

Refer to for informations about installation.

  • Run index.php in your web browser.


To use the docker image just pull the repository :
docker pull tofu00/network_miner

and run the image :
docker run -d -it -p 80:80 tofu00/network_miner

You can change the port mapping with the -p paramater.

Test files

You can test the Network Miner rendering without the appropriate environment.

To test Network Miner, you need first to overwrite data/snmp_data.json with the content of a test file located in test/data/.

Now comment these lines in data_mining.php to avoid the scan and the overwrite of snmp_data.json:

recursive_search($FIRST_DEVICE, 1);

file_put_contents('./data/snmp_data.json', json_encode(array('nodes' => $nodes,
 'links' => $links)),

JSON data faker

If you want to submit data for testing purpose you can use the Python 2.7 script to fake every device names in your JSON file.

To use this script you need to install faker module with pip install fake-factory.

Just put the script at your json files location and execute it: python

The script will scan the current folder, find the json files and replace device names.


  • Get SNMP informations from a specific device
  • Autorefresh map data
  • Save maps as PDF, PNG ...
  • Icinga plugin


For more information, see the Wiki section.

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