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an exploratory search engine
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Rysearch is an exploratory search engine and recommender system. Based on BigARTM, open-source library for topic modeling, it takes into account latent topical structure of texts to achieve good results in both knowledge exploration and visualization.[1]

Quick start

Use our pre-configured Docker image for quick installation. Run:

docker run -t -p 3000:3000 tohnann/rysearch

And then open http://localhost:3000.

Manual installation

Everything is tested on Linux (NixOS) and Windows operating systems. If things don't work as described here — please submit us an issue.

Running a Rysearch server

cd server/

# Install Node.js libraries 
npm install

Rysearch server consists of two workers: ARTM_bridge and Node.js server. You have to run them as separate programs like this:

# Run ARTM_bridge
# Run Node.js server
npm start

[1] K. V. Vorontsov et al. Non-Bayesian Additive Regularization for Multimodal Topic Modeling of Large Collections, TM '15 Proceedings of the 2015 Workshop on Topic Models: Post-Processing and Applications, 2014.

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