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Flexget test

Builds an docker image which is able to run tests for the Flexget project.

The aim is to get a consistent environment ready to fire up the test suite in seconds.

To upgrade the dependencies, rebuild the container image.

Running the tests

Running the docker container will update the Flexget code against the develop branch and
run the test suite.

docker run tomdesinto/flexget-test

This will run nosetest --attr !online

If you want to pass additional command line parameters to nosetest, add them to the docker run command.
Let say you want to run the tests in parallel over 4 processes, then run the container with:

docker run tomdesinto/flexget-test --processes=4

To get the list of parameters you can pass, just run the container with the --help parameter:

docker run --rm tomdesinto/flexget-test --help

Building the docker image

docker build -t tomdesinto/flexget-test

If you want to hack the Dockerfile, then checkout the project and call make build

git clone
cd docker-flexget_test
make build


Run the container with the --tty --interactive (or -it) parameters to be able to interrupt the test suite
with Ctrl-C:

docker run -it tomdesinto/flexget-test
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