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lnmpa-apache is an Apache Server boxed in a Docker image built by Tommy Lau.

What is in this image?

This image is a php web development environment cooked based on the offical docker image php:apache, and with the following enhancements.

WARNING: The php.ini is set to development, it is highly recommended NOT to run this image for production enivornments.


  • Fixed docker-php-ext-install script error while checking ext-module.ini


  • Enabled Apache2 rewrite module
  • Enabled GD support with GIF, JPEG, PNG, WBMP, XBM and FreeType(TrueType Fonts)
  • Enabled LDAP support
  • Enabled mbstring
  • Enabled mcrypt
  • Enabled mysql
  • Enabled mysqli
  • Enabled pdo_mysql
  • Enabled zip

Framework support:


  • Switch system and php timezone to Asia/Shanghai, which is CST(China Standard Time)
  • Support boot2docker permissions fix with -v argument

How to use this image

Single instance mode

Get the docker image by running the following commands:

docker pull tommylau/apache

Start an instance:

docker run --name apache -v /path/to/web:/var/www/html -p 80:80 -d tommylau/apache

This will start an instance, and you are ready to go.

Boot2Docker under Mac OS or Windows

If you are running boot2docker under MacOS or Windows, it is a good idea to add BOOT2DOCKER=1 as an environment variable. In this way, Apache2 will run under user docker (uid 1000) and group staff (gid 50), so that PHP won't complain about the permission denied when you try to write something to the disk through PHP, like say, upload an image to server.

docker run --name apache -v /path/to/web:/var/www/html -p 80:80 -e BOOT2DOCKER=1 -d tommylau/apache

Linking with other containers

To use this image linking with MySQL, you have to have a running MySQL instance, more information about MySQL docker image, please refer to tommylau/mysql. Suppose you have a MySQL instance named mysql5.6_server, we can link it in our Apache2 instance with the name mysql like this:

docker run --name apache -v /path/to/web:/var/www/html --link mysql5.6_server:mysql -p 80:80 -d tommylau/apache

Then in the instance, you can use the hostname mysql to connect to the database.

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