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docker-shadowsocks is a Shadowsocks boxed in a Docker image built by Tommy Lau.

Update on July 16, 2016

From now on, the Alpine Linux will be used as the base image. The docker image size has been dramatically reduced from around 200MB to only 16MB! The old image used Debian package, and the new one is compiled from the source, so it will alwasy be updated to the latest version of Shadowsocks-libev.

NOTICE: You have to use Docker version 1.9.0 or later to support Alpine, DO NOT UPDATE the image if your Docker version is older than 1.9.0

What is Shadowsocks?

Shadowsocks is a fast tunnel proxy that helps you bypass firewalls.

What's included?

The latest shadowsocks-libev from official release and nothing more.

How to use this image

Get the docker image by running the following commands:

docker pull tommylau/shadowsocks

Start an ocserv instance:

docker run  --name=[name] -p [port]:[port] -d tommylau/shadowsocks -s -p [port] -k [password] -m [method]
  • name is used to identify the containers (optional)
  • port is the port you want the server to listen.
  • password is the password
  • method is the encrypt method

For a real world example with encrypt method rc4-md5 with password Passw0rd on port 8338:

docker run --name=ss -p 8388:8388 -d tommylau/shadowsocks -s -p 8388 -k Passw0rd -m rc4-md5

Command line arguments for shadowsocks-libev



       -s <server_host>           host name or ip address of your remote server

       -p <server_port>           port number of your remote server

       -l <local_port>            port number of your local server

       -k <password>              password of your remote server

       [-m <encrypt_method>]      encrypt method: table, rc4, rc4-md5,
                                  aes-128-cfb, aes-192-cfb, aes-256-cfb,
                                  bf-cfb, camellia-128-cfb, camellia-192-cfb,
                                  camellia-256-cfb, cast5-cfb, des-cfb, idea-cfb,
                                  rc2-cfb, seed-cfb, salsa20 and chacha20

       [-f <pid_file>]            the file path to store pid

       [-t <timeout>]             socket timeout in seconds

       [-c <config_file>]         the path to config file

       [-i <interface>]           network interface to bind,
                                  not available in redir mode

       [-b <local_address>]       local address to bind,
                                  not available in server mode

       [-u]                       enable udprelay mode,
                                  not available in redir mode

       [-L <addr>:<port>]         specify destination server address and port
                                  for local port forwarding,
                                  only available in tunnel mode

       [-d <addr>]                setup name servers for internal DNS resolver,
                                  only available in server mode

       [--fast-open]              enable TCP fast open,
                                  only available on Linux kernel > 3.7.0

       [--acl <acl_file>]         config file of ACL (Access Control List)
                                  only available in local mode

       [-v]                       verbose mode
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