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Ruby onbuild images on Alpine Linux
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CoreOS cluster


  • Ruby 2.2
  • Direnv
  • Terraform

Provider tokens

  • Atlas
  • Digital Ocean

Getting Started

Create the .envrc to export environment variables

$ cp .envrc.example .envirc
$ vi .envrc
$ direnv allow

Install dependency tools

Install the Digtal Ocean command-line tool:

$ bundle install --path vendor/bundle


Create a user-data.yml:

$ cp user-data.yml.example user-data.yml


Launch development machine:

$ vagrant up

Deploy CoreOS cluster to Digital Ocean

Create cluster:

$ terraform plan   # Check your plan
$ terraform apply

Login to a CoreOS server:

$ bundle exec tugboat core-X -u core -p 2222  # SSH port is 2222 in this example

Configuration CoreOS

Configure user-data.yml or

Edit the user-data.yml:

$ vi user-data.yml

Edit the

$ vi

Apply to the development

Upload user-data.yml to instances:

$ vagrant provision

Apply changes:

$ vagrant ssh
core@core-X ~$ sudo coreos-cloudinit --from-file /var/lib/coreos-vagrant/vagrantfile-user-data

Apply to the production

$ terraform remote config -backend-config "name=tomohiro/cluster"
$ terraform remote pull
$ terraform plan
$ terraform apply
$ terraform remote push
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