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Couchlock those running pipelines!

What is this?

This is currently the way we are trying to get global locks into our CD pipelines. Historically tried different Jenkins plugins for mutexes/semaphores and hacks by using jobs as locks.

Lock that shared resource!

  • Build machine
  • Build only one image for specific githash of docker image (at the same time)
  • Postgres server
  • Staging system
  • Single Arduino board hooked up to Jenkins
docker run -it --rm tomologic/couchlock \
    --couchdb "" \
    --lock shared_resource \
    --name $BUILD_TAG \ # Unique identifier, example Jenkins $BUILD_TAG

## Do crazy things with shared resource

docker run -it --rm tomologic/couchlock \
    --couchdb "" \
    --lock shared_resource \
    --name $BUILD_TAG \ # Unique identifier, example Jenkins $BUILD_TAG

Couchlock is provided through our homebrew tap for OSX and linux users.

brew install tomologic/tap/couchlock


Travis CI Gimme is used to cross-compile couchlock.

$ brew install gimme
$ make build
$ make build_darwin
$ make build_linux


Effing Package Management - fpm is used for packaging.

$ brew install gnu-tar
$ brew install rpm
$ gem install fpm
$ make package
$ make package_deb
$ make package_rpm


If you don't have couchdb internally then totally try this out with Cloudant which has a great free tier.


Generate bindata

All files in data directory is packed with go-bindata.

go get -u
go-bindata data/...
Docker Pull Command
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