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Docker image for Radicale calendar and contact Server, +security, +volume, +init
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Docker image for Radicale, the CalDAV/CardDAV server.
This container is for Radicale version 2.x, as of 2017.07.

Special points:

  • Security: run as a normal user (not root!) with the help of su-exec (ie. gosu in C)
  • Safe volume permissions: /config and /data can be mounted by your user or root and they will still be readable by the radicale user inside the container
  • Small size: run on python:3-alpine
  • Git and Bcrypt included for versioning and authentication and InfCloud if you need an UI

Radicale Version & Image Tag

This image aims to be tagged along Radicale.

For example, given Radicale releases version 2.1.8, we update the VERSION in the Dockerfile, then push a Git tag
This will automatically produce a corresponding Docker image version on Docker HUB to be pulled, eg. docker pull tomsquest/docker-radicale:
The last number (x.y.z.LASTNUMBER) is our image revision. We increment it when we change something in the image without updating the version of Radicale.

At all time, the master branch is released as version latest on Docker HUB. You can pull latest with: docker pull tomsquest/docker-radicale:latest.


Minimal instruction:

docker run -d --name radicale \
    -p 5232:5232 \

Production-grade run:

docker run -d --name radicale \
    -p \
    --read-only \
    --init \
    --pids-limit 50 \
    --security-opt="no-new-privileges:true" \
    --health-cmd="curl --fail http://localhost:5232 || exit 1" \
    --health-interval=30s \
    --health-retries=3 \
    -v ~/radicale/data:/data \
    -v ~/radicale/config:/config:ro \

Docker compose

A Docker compose file is included. It can be extended.

User/Group ID

Sharing files from the host and the container can be problematic:
the radicale user in the container does not match the user running the container on the host.

To solve this, this image offers three options:

  • Use a user/group with id 2999 on the host
  • Specify a custom user/group id on run
  • Build the image with a custom user/group

User/Group 2999

The image creates a user and a group with Id 2999.
You can create an user/group on your host matching this Id.


sudo addgroup --gid 2999 radicale
sudo adduser --gid 2999 --uid 2999 --shell /bin/false --disabled-password --no-create-home radicale

Custom User/Group at run

The user and group Ids used in the image can be overridden when the container is run.
This is done with the UID and GID env variables, eg. docker run -e UID=123 -e GID=456 tomsquest/docker-radicale.

Beware, the --read-only run flag cannot be used in this case. Using custom UID/GID at runtime modifies the filesystem and the modification is made impossible with the --read-only flag.

Custom User/Group at build

You can build the image with custom user and group Ids and still use the --read-only flag.
But, you will have to keep up-do-date with this image.

Usage: docker build --build-arg=UID=5000 --build-arg=GID=5001 .

Radicale configuration

To customize Radicale configuration, either:

  • (recommended): use this repository preconfigured config file,
  • Or, use a custom config file
    1. get the config file from Radicale repository
    2. Change hosts to be accessible from the Docker host (thus, set hosts =
    3. Mount the config in the container -v /my_custom_config_directory:/config

Then puts these two files in a directory and use the config volume -v /my_custom_config_directory:/config when running the container.


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