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Docker image for Radicale calendar and contact Server, +security, +volume, +init
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Docker image for Radicale, the CalDAV/CardDAV server.
This container is for Radicale version 2.x, as of 2017.07.

Special points:

  • Security: run as normal user (not root!) with the help of su-exec (gosu in C)
  • Safe: use Tini to handle init
  • Persistent volume: /radicale/data can be mounted by your user or root and will still be readable by the radicale user inside the container
  • Small size: run on python:3-alpine
  • Configurable: Radicale's config can be modified before building this image


Github tags are automatically build as image's tags.

Latest is branch master.
2.x is Radicale v2.x.
1.x is Radicale v1.x.

Build & Run

Pull latest from Docker HUB:

docker pull tomsquest/docker-radicale

Or build the container locally:

docker build -t radicale .

Then, run the container:

docker run -d --name radicale -p 5232:5232 radicale

Or, better run it with persistent data and readonly filesystem:

docker run -d --name radicale -p 5232:5232 -v ~/radicale:/radicale/data --read-only radicale

Radicale configuration

To customize Radicale configuration, clone this repository, edit Radicale's config and build it locally.

The config/config and config/logging files comes from Radicale repo:

Docker Pull Command
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