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A docker-enabled Buildkite Agent that runs on
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A Buildkite Agent that runs on It ships with a running Docker daemon so you're able to build docker images and use Docker Compose for testing.


hyper run -it --rm toolmantim/hyper-buildkite-agent start

Getting started

To get started you'll need a builds volume to cache git checkouts and secrets.

Firstly, create a buildkite-data container with volumes for builds and secrets:

hyper run \
  --name buildkite-data \
  -d \
  -v /buildkite-builds \
  -v /buildkite-secrets \

Secondly, to add your secrets to the new volume, start a one-off container with the volumes mounted within it:

hyper run \
  -it \
  --rm \
  --volumes-from buildkite-data \
  --entrypoint bash \

Inside this container, add your agent token and SCM credentials:

echo 'token=<agent-token>' > /buildkite-secrets/buildkite-agent.cfg
echo 'https://<user>:<pass>' > /buildkite-secrets/git-credentials

Now that you've set up the secrets you can start your agent:

hyper run \
  -it \
  --rm \
  --volumes-from buildkite-data \
  toolmantim/hyper-buildkite-agent start

You should now see the agent connected in Buildkite, and can successfully run a build (using Docker Compose if you like) of a private repository.

Scheduler mode

(Note: Scheduler mode doesn't quite work yet)

You can run build jobs in on-demand Hyper containers by running an agent in scheduler mode. This agent will spin up a Hyper container for each job on its own queue, and will exit after it completes the job. This means you get per-second billing for jobs, and the ability to run as many parallel jobs as your container quota allows.

To use the scheduler you'll need to add your hyper login credentials to the secrets volume. Create a one-off container with the secrets volume mounted:

hyper run \
  -it \
  --rm \
  --volumes-from buildkite-data \
  --entrypoint bash \

Run the hyper login command, and paste in your credentials when prompted:

hyper --config /buildkite-secrets/hyper config

Now you start a scheduler agent by setting the HYPER_SCHEDULER=true environment variable (it can run in an S2-sized container, at US$1.55/month):

hyper run -d \
  --size=S2 \
  --volumes-from buildkite-data \
  --name buildkite-job-scheduler \
  toolmantim/hyper-buildkite-agent start \
    --meta-data "queue=hyper" \
    --name "hyper-scheduler-%n"

Now you can run Buildkite jobs targeting the scheduler (e.g. queue=hyper) and they'll be re-run in one-off runner containers.

Configuration environment variables for the scheduler mode agent:



To cache git checkouts effectively you need to mount a persistent volume to /buildkite-builds.


Instead of using insecure environment variables, or command line arguments, you should store secrets in a persistent volume mounted to /buildkite-secrets.

Secrets files that are automatically read and used by the agent:

  • /buildkite-secrets/buildkite-agent.cfg - Buildkite Agent config file containing the agent token and any other agent settings you wish.
  • /buildkite-secrets/git-credentials - git credentials file to be used by git when cloning private https repositories (e.g. https://<user>:<token>
  • /buildkite-secrets/hyper/config.json - cli credentials, when used in scheduler mode.

You can also add any other secrets that you want to make available to your agents.



  • Scheduler configuration support for adding additional runner volume mounts


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