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Linux based Terraria Server (Vanilla)
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Terraria Server V1.3.5.3

Vanilla Dedicated Linux Server

This docker container is based on the latest debain linux und uses the official dedicated server package from


  • the path to store the terraria worlds
    -v "/hostpath/world":"/world":rw
  • using your own server configuration file
    -v "/hostpath/server.config":"/opt/terraria/Dedicated Server/Linux/server.config":rw
  • get the server log file (this is console ouput)
    -v "/hostpath/log/terraria/":"/var/log/terraria":rw

Start the server

docker run -dit --name="Terraria-Server" -p 7777:7777 -v "/srv/terraria/worlds/":"/world":rw -v "/var/log/terraria/":"/var/log/terraria":rw topdockercat/terraria-server-vanilla

Attach to server console

docker attach Terraria-Server

Detach from server console

crtl+p crtl+q
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