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Bot Framedash

This is an application insights based project that displays a bots analytics dashboard.


Show With Your Own Data

  1. Clone
  2. Get an Application Insights App ID and Api Key

  3. Run yarn start:dev

  4. Open http://localhost:3000/
  5. Run through setup and afterwards, fill in API Key and Application ID

Deploy To Azure

There are 3 ways to deploy to Azure:

1. Web App - Automated

  1. Fork this repo (to be able to automatically create github deployment key)
  2. Clone & Deploy:
  3. <a href="" target="_blank">
    <img src=""/>

2. Web App On Linux - Automated with Docker Hub

<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src=""/>

3. Manual

  1. Fork this repo (to be able to automatically create github deployment key)
  2. Clone & Deploy:
  3. Create a new Web App in Azure

Important Note

Since application insights API doesn't support ARM yet, we need to manually create an API Key for the application insights service.
Once you created the api key, copy and paste it into the Dashboard settings screen.

Deploy With Docker

  1. docker build -t **image name** .
  2. docker run -d -e PORT=80 **image name**
  3. Docker image is also available at Docker Hub - docker pull catalystcode/ibex-dashboard

Create new API Key and Application ID

The following steps explain how to connect Application Insights bot with your bot and your dashboard:
[you can also follow the official Application Insights article].

  1. Go to azure portal
  2. Select: Resource Groups > [new resource group] > App Insights Service
  3. Copy Instrumentation Key and paste into your bot registration page (on the bottom)
  4. Click: API Access > Create New Key > + Read Telemetry
  5. Copy Application ID + API Key
  6. Open the URL of your web app
  7. Under AppId/ApiKey set the values you created.


Used Repos Technologies


This project is built using:

The server approach was added using:

Thinking about integrating with:


  1. Running node version 4.5 or above.


git clone
cd ibex-dashboard
npm install -g yarn


yarn start:dev

Test Watcher

Runs the test watcher in an interactive mode.
By default, runs tests related to files changes since the last commit.

yarn test

Build for Production

yarn build

What’s Inside?

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