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Bring Kopano on Synology via SPK & Docker. Kopano is an Open Source Email & Collaboration Software.
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Kopano for Synology in Docker using Debian-9-slim provides packaged binaries via Debian Package Manager repositories from Kopano download area:
It is customized for Synology in a way MariaDB and Shared Folders are mounted from the NAS device into the container. For details, instructions, FAQ see:
Note: Docker Pull and Run should NOT be used as this Image is the foundation for a SPK Package available at and will not work isolated unless expert knowledge is applied..

For the experts as insight to get it started (make sure MySql is available via common sockets): "docker run -d -v /run/mysqld:/run/mysqld:ro -v $K_ETC:/etc/zarafa -v $K_LOG:/var/log/zarafa -v $K_ATC:/var/lib/kopano/attachments $PORTS_EXPOSED --name kopano4s --hostname kopano4s tosoboso/kopano4s: $VER_IN_KOP" would run this image but you have to set the environment which is normally all done by the SPK Package. K_ETC, K_LOG is where you have your kopano-etc and logs outside the container, PORTS_EXPOSED is by default: "-p 236:236 -p 237:237 -p 2003:2003 -p 9080:9080 -p 9443:9443 -p 25:25 -p 1935:1935". K_ATC is where you store attachments if enabled e.g. /volume1/kopano/attachments (optional and not needed to run the kopano4s image). You also have to set pwd in kopano-server.cfg. -In short don't try when you have GUI and SPK Synology Package integration,

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