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Bring Zarafa on Synology via SPK & Docker. Zarafa is an Open Source Email & Collaboration Software.
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Synology Zarafa for Home in a Box (Docker) provides packaged binaries via Debian Package Manager Repositories from Zarafa Download Area.
It is customized for Synology in a way MariaDB and Shared Folders are mounted from the NAS device into the container. Note: Docker Pull and Run should NOT be used as this Image is the foundation for a SPK Package available at and will not work isolated (see

For the experts: "docker run -d -v /run/mysqld:/run/mysqld:ro -v $Z_ETC:/etc/zarafa -v $Z_LOG:/var/log/zarafa -v $Z_ATC:/var/lib/zarafa/attachments $PORTS_EXPOSED --name zarafa4h --hostname zarafa4h tosoboso/zarafa4h:$VER_IN_ZCP" would run this image but you have to set the environment which is normally all done by the SPK Package. Z_ETC, Z_LOG is where you have your zarafa-etc and logs outside the container, PORTS_EXPOSED is by default: "-p 236:236 -p 237:237 -p 2003:2003 -p 9080:9080 -p 9443:9443 -p 25:25 -p 1935:1935". Z_ATC is where you store attachments if enabled e.g. /volume1/zarafa/attachments (optional and not needed to run the zararaf4h image). You also have to set pwd in zarafa-server.cfg. -In short don't try when you have GUI and SPK Synology Package,

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