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It provides the ability to deploy applications to a fleet cluster. It adds a layer of abstraction
and provides a simple RESTFul API for the deployment.

Development Status

This deployer component can be used in production.


Project uses Sphinx for code/api documentation


The latest code/api documentation can be found at:

Building documentation

To generate html documentation, use command:

cd docs && make html

The documentation will be generated in docs/build folder.


The project has following dependencies

  • python 2.7.x (Fabric library is not compatible with Python 3.x)
  • Virtualenv (Recommended)
  • Python pip
  • etcd 0.4.6 (Required if using docker based deployment)
  • docker 1.2 (Required if using docker based deployment)
  • Elasticsearch 1.3+ (Recommended)


To install dependencies for the project, run command:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

In addition if you are developing on the project, run command:

pip3 install -r dev-requirements.txt


Tests are located in tests folder. Project uses nose for testing.

Unit Tests

To run all unit tests , run command :

nosetests -w tests/unit

Running Server

Local (Without celery worker)

To run the server locally (w/o celery worker) , run command:


Once server is up you can access the root api using:

Using Docker

In order to run fully integrated server using docker using latest docker , run

sudo docker run -it --rm -h cluster-deployer-${USER} --name cluster-deployer -v /dev/log:/dev/log -P totem/cluster-deployer

Run Configuration (Environment Variables)

Env Variable Description Default Value (Local) Default Value (Docker)
QUAY_ORGANIZATION Organization in quay to pull images from. This is only required to construct image url when not explictly specified as part of request. totem totem
ETCD_HOST Etcd server host.
ETCD_PORT Etcd server port. 4001 4001
ETCD_TOTEM_BASE Base path for totem configurations /totem /totem
ETCD_YODA_BASE Base path for yoda proxy configurations /yoda /yoda
TASK_EXECUTORS No. of processes to be created for celery task executions Not Used 2
API_EXECUTORS No. of uwsgi processes to be created for serving API Not Used 2
HIPCHAT_TOKEN Default hipchat token to be used for notifications
GITHUB_TOKEN Github token for fetching fleet templates and for commit notifications.
HIPCHAT_ENABLED Set it to true to enable hipchat notifications false false
HIPCHAT_ROOM Room to be used for hipchat notifications not-set not-set
GITHUB_NOTIFICATION_ENABLED Set it to true to enable github commit notifications. false false
BASE_URL Base Url for Cluster Deployer (used for forming notification URLs) http://localhost:9000
CLUSTER_NAME Name of the cluster where orchestrator is deployed local local
TOTEM_ENV Name of totem environment (e.g. production, local, development) local local
LOG_IDENTIFIER Program name/tag used for syslog N/A yoda-proxy
MONGODB_PORT Mongo db port 27017 27017
MONGODB_AUTH_DB Mongo db authentication database admin admin
MONGODB_USERNAME Mongo db username
MONGODB_PASSWORD Mongo db password
MONGODB_DB Mongo db database totem-{TOTEM_ENV} totem-{TOTEM_ENV}
DISCOVER_RABBIMQ Use static discovery for rabbitmq (true / false) false false
DISCOVER_MONGO Use static discovery for mongo (true / false) false false

Coding Standards and Guidelines


In order to ensure that code follows PEP8 standards, run command:

flake8 .
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