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Docker image to run applications in production mode using nodejs.
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What is included?

This image is based on official node.js docker image (Debian stable, Wheezy).

Current version includes:

  • node 0.12
  • general tools: wget, vim
  • node production tools: forever

The default docker user is "prod".

The default directory is /app/dist

How to use

Use the image to run your application with node

Mount your application sources as a volume (using -v option) and run your build command (e.g. gulp build).

docker run -v /home/me/dev/my-app/dist:/app/dist -t toubiweb/docker-node-runner node app.js

You can override the default directory using -w option:

docker run -v /home/me/dev/my-app/dist:/app/build -w /app/build -t toubiweb/docker-node-runner node app.js

Use with forever

docker run -v /home/me/dev/my-app/dist:/app/dist -t toubiweb/docker-node-runner forever node app.js

Extend image

Extends the image to run your application:

# Pull base image.
FROM toubiweb/docker-node-runner:0.12

MAINTAINER Nicolas Toublanc <>

USER root

RUN chown -R prod /app/dist

USER prod

# install via npm (production dependencies)
ADD package.json /app/dist/
RUN npm install --loglevel verbose

# add application
ADD . /app/dist

# define default command.
CMD forever -l /app/logs/server.log -o /app/logs/out.log -e /app/logs/err.log  /app/dist/server/app.js

# Expose ports.

Optional: build docker image from sources

Get sources:

git clone

Build container

cd docker-node-runner
docker build -t="toubiweb/docker-node-runner" .
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