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Simple rinetd proxy to send traffic from swarm ingress net to multiple replicas.
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Docker Image used for Swarm > 1.12. Routes traffic from Ingress Mesh to scaled replicas.


We assume we have a webapp with multiple instances running. For performance reasons we need more instances than we have worker nodes, so we cannot bind one webapp instance on each node on port 80.

We need our own overlay network with the swarm:
docker network create --driver overlay myswarmnet

We create a new network called myswarmnet using the overlay network driver.

Fire up our webapp workers with a demo image (simple PHP7 container listening on port 80):
docker service create --name mywebapp --network myswarmnet --replicas 10 toughiq/phptest

We create a new service called mywebapp, connect it to our network myswarmnet and start with 10 replicas.

Now we start our proxy, one one each worker node:
docker service create --name myproxy --network myswarmnet --mode global -p 80:80 --env DEST=mywebapp --env DESTPORT=80 toughiq/swarmproxy

We create our myproxyservice, connect it to our myswarmnet network, use global mode to assign one instance per node and export port 80 to port 80. We also assign two environment variables to tell the proxy, where to route the traffic:
DEST=mywebapp and DESTPORT=80

Default Environment variables:
They might be overwritten if needed:

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